Funding agreement for PAND

Dansk Magisterforening offers financial support for PAND

Dansk Magisterforening (DM) has signed an agreement to support PAND in their efforts to support and improve the PhD program on a national level. DM has committed 300.000 dkk over a 3 year period.

PAND - PhD Association Network of Denmark receives 300.000 dkk from Dansk Magisterforening!

The funds will be used in the next 3 years to improve the connection between PhD students in Denmark
and to strengthen our voice at the European level.
"We would like to help establish PhD associations at universities that do not already have it,
and to broaden existing associations at the universities where they only cover some faculties"
says Rojin Kianian, co-chair at PAND and the PAND representative in our board at PAUSD.

So, what keeps you from starting your own PhD association?
Contact us or PAND - PhD Association Network of Denmark if you need advice or support of any kind!

Article from Magisterbladet

Photo courtesy of
Signe Flensted-Jensen
Social media manager

Posted by: PAUSD_Administrator
Date: 04/11/2017
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