Science and Beers

PowerPoint Karaoke

29.09.2023 19:00

Location: Studenterhus
Time: September 29th, 19:00

You will give a short Powerpoint presentations in front of a live audience, the twist: You have never seen the slides before! 😃 (Arguably, the best way to practice presentations)
For each presentation:
- The presenter will receive a random presentation.
- The presenter is not allowed to see the slides before presenting.
- The presenter must deliver each slide in succession without skipping slides or going back.
- The presentation ends when all slides have been presented, or after 5 minutes (whichever comes first).

- When the presentation is over, the next player is invited to present a random new, unseen, slide deck. Once all players have presented, it’s time for the audience to judge the round 🙂

Expect the unexpected!

-Free entrance
-Prizes for the winners

Sign-up here.

To participate:

  1. Those who want to present can send their own presentation. It can contain actual information from their own PhD, or be random, or contain a mix!
  2. Presentations should be made with the time limit of 5 minutes in mind. If they are text heavy then use fewer slides, if they are mostly pictures then there is room for more slides. Better too many slides then too few! Let's set the slide count limit to 10-15 including intro and thank you slide.
  3. This event will be hosted as if it was a scientific conference so, please do remember to thank your colleagues and funding agencies in the presentation!
  4. This event is open to the public and free to enter. Science and Beers will promote it as a kick-off for the new season.

An actual karaoke event will take place afterwards downstairs.

Posted by: AK
Date: 10/08/2023
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