Bridging the gap

Preparing PhDs for a work life outside university

The report is out! Check it out here!

Once upon a time, when you got your PhD degree, a permanent position in academia was likely to follow. Those times are long gone.

Statistics show that the majority of PhD graduates are employed in the labour market outside academia. Yet, PhD graduates experience a gap between academia and the labour market outside academia. This report offers recommendations on how to bridge that gap.

Rethinking the PhD educations’ and PhD students’ engagement with society is urgent to bridge the gap between academia and the labour market outside academia and two main challenges must be overcome: 1) A need for a cultural change and 2) Allocation of responsibility for PhD careers.

The report is supported by all the PhD associations in Denmark and is formulated by representatives from: The PhD Association Network of Denmark, PAND, University of Copenhagen Association of PhD Students, UCAPS and the PhD Association at the University of Southern Denmark, PAUSD.

Check and download the report here:

Posted by: MLC
Date: 10/11/2019
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