Friday November 1, 2019: Excellence in Research Communication

Conference for Early Career Researchers

It's time to raise the impact of your research!

PAUSD, Philoteket, PAND and Studenterhus Odense host the first conference ever in Denmark on Open Science & Science Communication, dedicated primarily to Early Career Researchers interested in raising the impact and awareness of their research.

To achieve Excellence in Research, having great ideas, a rigorous research design and accurate data analysis are crucial steps - but not enough. We need to be able to tell a compelling story about what we discovered and ensure as many minds can have access to and learn from our stories.

But researchers haven’t yet figured out a way to combat this community dominated by closed-access publishing, “death by Power-Point” and confusing data management. How do we liberate our research from the Ivory tower and make it accessible and understandable to any citizen with a curious and open mind? Join us for a great conference, making research matter for everyone!

Interested in joining? Register! The number of seats available is limited. Link to registration is here:

When: 1st of November (12h – 20h)
Where: Studenterhus Odense (Amfipladsen 6, 5000 Odense)

Posted by: SK
Date: 18/09/2019
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