General Assembly of PAUSD

New Board Elected

Get them while they're hot!

Last February 22nd we held our third General Assembly at SDU (campus Odense), where PhD students and researchers of different faculties were gathered to hear about the general mission of PAUSD, the main achievements of the association during 2018 and the plans for this new year to come!

Our GA was also honored to have two invited speakers: Katrine Astrup Jacobsen, who gave a talk on Philoteket, its story and future events, which are also of extreme relevance for our PAUSD members; and Ann Zahle Andersen, who gave a very interesting talk on her exciting and dynamic work and career path.

Furthermore, we have also voted on small changes of the statute and elected the new board, which is full of energy to make this year full of projects and events towards PhD students and young researchers. The new PAUSD board consists of 8 members representing all five faculties at SDU. In alphabetic order, they are the following:

Irina Antonescu (NAT) - Immediate Past Chair, PhD-K representative and part of Social Media team

Kamilla Jensen Husen (HUM) - Board member and link to our close collaborators at Philoteket - University Library of Southern Denmark

Manuella Lech Cantuaria (HEALTH) - Co-chair and part of Website team

Morten Mørk Jensen (TEK) - Treasurer and main PAND - PhD Association Network of Denmark representative

Ryan Wyeth (HEALTH) - Alternate PAND - PhD Association Network of Denmark representative and part of Website team

Simon Pedersen (TEK) - Immediate Past Chair

Shno Koiek (HEALTH) - Board member, part of Social Media and Website teams

Stine Piilgaard Porner Nielsen (SAM) - Co-chair and PhD-K representative

The PAUSD - PhD Association of SDU board is missing, though, representatives from the SDU campuses in Esbjerg, Kolding, Copenhagen, Slagelse or Sønderborg. We are having a hard time engaging PhD students from the satellite campuses, so if you know anyone interested to join our team as supplementary board member, please give us a heads up! Thanks!



We are looking so much forward for an exciting and fantastic year with all of you!

Posted by: RP
Date: 14/03/2019
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