Drink for Science


Another opportunity to help you in your Ph.D. life!

Ever seen someone tap a can of beer or soda, and thought - 'Why do they do that?". Well, the theory is that tapping a can of carbonated liquid prevents it from 'fizzing' out. Sounds interesting, but where is the EVIDENCE, you wonder?

Well, wonder no longer - because PAUSD is here to answer this important scientific question! We have secured 1000 cans of beer - cheers, Carlsberg! - and will conduct a randomised controlled trial to see if tapping a can really saves precious precious beer!

"Sounds interesting, but what can I do?" - you ask yourself? Well, PAUSD - PhD Association of SDU needs you to DRINK FOR SCIENCE! We'll have 1000 cold ones ready to be drunk on Friday, so please pop along and do your bit!

We will of course write up our findings and will try and publish them in a scientific journal.

We'll hand out the beer at the top of the copper stairs at the Faculty of Engineering - the Cheese building. You can enjoy it on the spot, or take it outside with you if the weather is friendly.


When: Friday, May 18th 15:30
Where: pick up your beer at the top of the Copper stairs at TEK


Posted by: RPB
Date: 08/05/2018
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