December RAW BAR

Talk like TED — Present your Projects with Passion

Do you want to challenge the orthodoxies in standard academic discourse? Join the PhD bar and enjoy a beer with your peers! Join us at 17:00 on the 13th of December at Philoteket and meet the other PhDs at SDU.


Learn the secrets to creating strong, memorable, powerful and engaging talks and presentations through a unique, fast-paced workshop. Adam Montandon takes you deep behind the scenes of world famous TED talks, and will unlock the secrets that allow anyone to give stunning presentations, tell vibrant stories, and help dramatically improve how you present. By developing an engaging story, and telling it well, you can uncover new opportunities, gain more media attention, excite new fans and inspire your audience.

If you want to learn the secret tips, tricks and magic techniques that can turn an average presentation into something incredible, then this is for you. Even if you get nervous, have stage-fright, or hate presenting, Adam will show you how to present your projects with passion and bring ideas to life no matter how scared you might feel. This friendly, relaxed, fun workshop will help you explain complicated concepts clearly, and will allow you to ignite passion and excitement in your audience.

Philoteket is located at the top floor of the SDU library. Please remember to RSVP the event here, or just click on "interested" if you would like to join in the future. For any questions or to sign up if you do not use Facebook, drop us an email at

Posted by: SVIP
Date: 01/12/2017
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