Inauguration of Philoteket

An oasis for Ph.D.-students

Philoteket is a new place for Ph.D. students at the University of Southern Denmark, located in the library at Campus Odense. It is a place for uniting the researchers of tomorrow.

On the 29th of May 2017, Philoteket, a new space for PhD students placed at the University Library of SDU in Odense, was officially inaugurated. Philoteket introduces a new concept for PhD students from different fields, creating an environment where they can meet, share experiences and get academic inspiration in a comfortable and welcoming space. Besides many working desks and meeting facilities, the new environment includes special booths to conduct phone interviews and private meetings and conference facilities for presentations. The inauguration was conducted by the SDUs Vice Chancellor Henrik Dam, who recognizes the relevance of an environment that is able to unify more than 1000 PhD students at SDU. The head of the Research and Analysis Department at the University Library, Charlotte Wien, emphasized the need demonstrated by PhD students in having a common space where they can discuss common subjects and concerns, such as their relationship with the supervisor, working and career plan, managing stress, etc. However, she highlighted that Philoteket should not been seen as a replacement of the other facilities at the University, but as an additional and beneficial environment for new researchers.

During the inauguration ceremony, Liza Sopina, chairman of PAUSD (PhD Association of the University of Southern Denmark), has introduced the association to all the public present at the event, as well as the purpose of the association and how it was formed. All PAUSD board members are already making use of all the facilities offered by Philoteket and look forward to see the space being used for countless number of PhD students.

Posted by: PAUSD_Administrator
Date: 29/08/2017
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